1.At the age of how many years can you get tattooed by me?

I only tattoo people who are at least 18 years old, so please always bring an identity document.
(However, the line is very open to the top.)

2. In which case someone CAN NOT  be tattooed?

⁃ Unfortunately, I can't tattoo you with an acute infection (e.g. Cold, flu, caries) or a disease that greatly weakens/drottles your immune system (e.g. Cancer with ongoing chemotherapy, after organ transplantation, partly when taking immunosuppressants).

⁃ Furthermore, in the case of acute sunburn* and acute skin diseases of the area to be tattooed (e.g. Neurodermatitis, psoriasis, allergic reactions of the skin), also with cortisone therapy in tablet form or treatment with cortisone ointment of the area to be tattooed.

⁃ Pregnancy or if you are still breastfeeding is also not possible, as the health of the embryo/infant was at stake.

⁃ And last but not least, if there is an impairment of your ability to form or exercise will.

*(After at least 4 weeks, if the skin no longer peels, we can start again.)

3. Is our studio barrier-free?

No, unfortunately it is not.

Some of our doors and toilet are not passable with a wheelchair due to the size. Also, our loungers cannot be driven up and down hydraulically either. Likewise, we do not have a guidance system for the blind and cannot speak sign language.

If you are in the neurodiversen spectrum and depend on knowing exactly what it looks like with us, how the process is designed and what stimuli you could be exposed to with us, please also address this beforehand.

We still do our best to give you a tattoo experience.

4. Is our studio a safe space?

If so, we are a safer space, because the needs of you and me and of all people are very different and depend on what forms of discrimination and/or multiple discrimination each person has experienced.

Our previous visitors have let us know that they felt very comfortable at our studio.

When we are made aware of errors, we try to correct them and are of course always open to communication and factual criticism.

If you feel most comfortable with me alone, i.e. do not want other people to be in the studio on your appointment, then please let me know, as well as in the case you have to/want to bring an accompanying person, a lot can be set up.

Communication is simply the key with which we both can make the entire process as pleasant as possible. You can talk to me about everything at any time and also discuss everything with me before it comes to a situation in which you do not hear, see, understand correctly or feel uncomfortable.

5. Are there people I DO NOT tattoo?

(Apart from age)

I will not do people with a nationalist, fascist, sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic or transphobic attitudes and/or lifestyle!

Otherwise, all individuals, regardless of body shape, skin colour* or gender, are very welcome!

*(Although I honestly admit on this topic that unfortunately I can only access a few personal experiences)

6. Which motifs AREN'T you tattooing?

I design in the style of Art Nouveau and Neo Traditional!

⁃ no motifs of other artists

⁃ no pure dotwork work, watercolor, sketch style or other motifs that do not correspond stylistically to my work

⁃ no singular sentences (but I will try my best to include them as far as possible but there are other professionals for calligraphy tattoos)

⁃ no infinity signs or other small separate symbols (e.g. Stars, stick figures, small anchors, Roman characters, etc. )

⁃ no rings/ligaments around arms or legs

⁃ no purely abstract or geometric tattoos (i.e. individual circles or strokes, brush strokes,..)

⁃ generally motifs in which I am not allowed to incorporate any artistic freedom

⁃ no symbols or motifs that mean cultural appropriation (e.g. Maori/Polynesian tattoos, dream catchers, symbols from Indian and Asian culture or sacred symbols from Hinduism or Buddhism, I don't know anything about it either) and certainly no Swasiks

⁃ no Asian characters

(The last two points apply primarily to white people who don't come from the aforementioned cultures and communities. If you want something from a certain community, then ask your personal contacts with this background or the people belonging to that community for sketches and background knowledge. If it's nothing sacred and people who don't belong to the community can also wear it on their skin, then I'm trying to design something about it. But it would be better if you were looking for a tattooing person from these communities for authenticity!)

⁃ no fingers on the side or palms of the hands (and generally rather no fingers)

⁃ no tattoos smaller than 8 cm in size (of course there may be special individual cases, the key: communication)

7. When does it need to be clarified with your health care professional before our tattoo appointment?

⁃ If you have a heart valve defect and/or cardiac arrhythmias. When taking immunosuppressants as a result of autoimmune disease, blood clotting disorder, after chemotherapy and cancer.

⁃ If you need to take blood-thinning medication, clarify beforehand whether you can stop them before/for the tattoo appointment and if this is not the case, how long the tattoo session may be maximum. Please let me know the information about the blood thinners in any case so that I am mentally prepared for possible reaction of your body (such as increased bleeding, formation of more wound fluid, etc.).

If you are not sure about a topic, just ask me and we will clarify together whether you need to consult your health care professional.

Safety first!

8. Can I get tattooed with neurodermatitis, psoriasis and other skin diseases and what do I have to consider?

Basically yes, as long as the area to be tattooed is NOT affected and no strong inflammatory processes of the skin take place elsewhere in your body (because here, too, your immune system is very busy and has no great capacity for further injury).

⁃ If the area to be tattooed was acutely affected, and if you were dependent on cortisone therapy in tablet form or the affected area had to be treated with cortisone ointment, you should have it healed for at least 4 weeks (sometimes even longer, your health care professional can certainly advise you well on this issue in case of doubt).

⁃ (If you had to take cortisone or apply it to the skin for a long time in your life, please let me know - keyword parchment skin, favoring blowouts).

For all skin diseases, please always try to choose a place that is not so often affected overall for your sake (in the event of an outbreak on the tattooed area, the color may lose again in places).

9. Can I get tattooed on my scar tissue?

(E.g. caused by burns, stretch marks, self-injury behavior and surgical scars)

Usually yes, it doesn't matter whether large or isolated scars. However, your scar tissue should be at least 1-2 years old and healed so that it does not change anymore.

It is also important to know that the tattoo color in this fabric may not last so intensely or radiate so much, you are welcome to talk to me about piercing.

During the tattoo process, these areas may be significantly more sensitive to pain and also swell more than the surrounding tissue, so don't be surprised about it. Normally, however, these symptoms calm down again in the course of healing the tattoo.

10. What about allergic reactions to ingredients of the materials/colors used?

Of course, such allergic reactions can always occur, I can't rule that out specifically for anyone.

As a rule, however, they rarely occur with colors, but experience has shown that they tend to be more likely to use red or blue pigments. If you have had bad experiences with a certain color/company, please tell me that of course!

As a "lubricating agent" (to keep the skin supple during friction), I use a cream made of different vegetable fats, etc. If you know that you are allergic to certain ingredients, always ask me if they are contained in my materials (e.g. vegetable fats, alcohols, preservatives, pigments, etc.).

11. Which colours do you use?

I only use REACH compliant colours which are in accordance with the German Tattoo Products Ordinance.

Before immediate use, I will introduce you to the colors, show them, explain them and will be happy to answer your questions about them.

12. What other products do you use?

⁃ I use Kodan to disinfect your skin and Octenisept after tattooing.

⁃ For the stencil, I use dettol (with an intense smell) and the stencil liquid from Stencil Stuff.

⁃ If something needs to be removed from it, I use the Stencil Eraser from Aloe Tattoo and Balm Tattoo.

⁃ For lubricating while tattooing, I use Balm Tattoo Dragon's Blood - Perfume-free or with perfume.

And to wipe Panthera green soap.

⁃ In most cases, the self-adhesive wound plaster Suprasorb F forms the end.

13. What is the best way to prepare for my tattoo appointment and what should be considered for proper care?

You are welcome to find out about that question one this homepage in my PDF for preparation and in the care instructions. You can find both documents in the HOME section under the item "take care".

14. Can I see the design before my appointment?

Yes please, I even insist!

Especially if it's your first tattoo, or it's going to be a coverup but also I think it's essential to introduce you to your motif beforehand, because it should give you pleasure for a lifetime and I want to make sure that it's really what you want.

Either we meet in person in the studio beforehand or if you don't live close by, we can hold a video chat and talk about it (this is also often the opportunity on my part to get the drawing money* from you)

What I do NOT do, however, is to send you the template by photo beforehand (there are too many very bad experiences with that).

After the joint agreement, I will change SMALL things if necessary, but should there be major compositional changes, I reserve the right to demand a new drawing money* (again unfortunately due to bad experiences).

*drawing money: is a symbolic amount for the creation of the draft and does not correspond to the actual expense allowance of my working time or the equivalent of the created draft

15. Can I pay with you by card?

No, that's not possible in our studio, please bring enough cash.

Maybe you will spontaneously discover one or the other beautiful "gifts" for yourself in the store.

16. When and how do I have to pay a deposit?

In order to get a tattoo appointment with me, I need a deposit from you in advance, which usually starts at 50 euros (depending on the length of the appointment). Of course, the deposit will then be offset against the final price later on.

If you can't attend the appointment, you have to cancel or postpone it one week before the start of the appointment. In these cases, the deposit will be postponed to the new tattoo date and credited again.

If you cancel later, unfortunately I have to withhold the deposit as a small damage payment. (Except for special circumstances, e.g. if you get sick, please get in touch as soon as possible.)

But if you communicate honestly with me, I'm also an understanding person and even just a human being. So please dare and be sincere!

17. So how does the Tattoo-Prozess goes along?

⁃ When you arrive at our place, then you have to ring the bell and either one of my colleagues or I will open the door for you.

⁃ You are then welcome to tell me how you would like to be addressed (also your pronouns). My pronouns are she/her or just my name Sabine.

⁃ If you have disinfected your hands, you can make yourself comfortable in our waiting area and carefully read and fill out the declaration of consent I have provided and (currently) the proof of contact. I'll already give you the care instructions (you can keep it).

⁃ Then I come to you and ask you if you have understood everything and if you still have questions, which I will answer of course.

⁃ If necessary, small adjustments can be made to the size of your stencil until it fits perfectly to your desired location of your body. I'll always have time to do this with for you.

⁃ Then I usually finish my working place briefly and make the final preparations.

⁃ If you feel physically or mentally uncomfortable at any time, please always let me know!!! I will try my very best to make it more pleasant for you.

⁃ If you want to have a body part tattooed where you have to take off clothes, you can go to the bathroom at any time and change / mask certain spaces accordingly. It is also possible for me to set up our room divider in addition. Just talk to me about it.

⁃ When you have prepared, I'll show you the stencil in the right place and position and then put it on your body.

⁃ To do this, I must first disinfect the intended area, then I hold the motif briefly above your skin in position and ask you if you like the position in a rough way. After that, often mark this area with a skin pencil, then the Dettol under the Stencil Stuff comes to the spot and then I put on the stencil. I always warn you if I have to touch you during the process or if it could get unpleasantly cold (spraying, application of the stencil liquid). When I have checked that everything is well placed, you can see it yourself in the mirror. Please let me know if you still have concerns about the position, the deduction is the most important basis for your beautiful new tattoo.

⁃ If everything fits, I'll pick out my needle modules, fill the color caps with the agreed colors and your stencil can dry a little in the meantime.

⁃ Of course, you can go to the toilet before and at any time during the session. Just let me know.

⁃ Then we will place you in such a way that I get to the area and you can lie down in such a position that you can endure it for a while (unfortunately, it is often not possible to lie super comfortable in all positions).

⁃ If you are cold or get cold or if you feel the need for your body to be covered even more, we have the opportunity to provide you with a fresh cosy blanket.

⁃ So then let's go. When you are ready and I have informed you about the colors I will use, I will start tattooing, first draw a small piece of a line and wait to let you see how it felt for you. Experience has shown that most people are positively surprised that it is not so bad, but your perception is always important to me to know. Then we get off to a good start and I work out the motif piece by piece. With quite large motives, I usually only do the outlines completely so that we have the opportunity to divide/split the sessions if it could be too much for you. Then we'll (at least) make another small appointment. It is really important to me to say that you never have to go beyond your physical and psychological limits, the result will definitely not get any better!!!

⁃ You can ask for a break at any time during the tattoo process (e.g. if you want to drink or eat something, have to move briefly, have to go to the toilet or of course also need a short break because of the pain).

⁃ Depending on how you and I are doing with the process, the circumstances allow us or are simply the desire to do so, we are able to talk about everything we want (also let me know if I should not address certain topics so that I don't accidentally trigger something). The only thing I'm not good at is small talk. But it's also absolutely fine for me if you prefer not to talk at all, e.g. you can also watch a movie or series via tablet or listen to music via headphones.

⁃ If you feel uncomfortable while tattooing or if you feel uncomfortable with certain touches, please talk to me and we will see what we can change.

⁃ If you would be happy about a small "intermediate status photo", I will of course be happy to help you out.

⁃ When we are done with the tattoo, I clean everything properly and you can then look at your new work of art in peace in the mirror. If you notice a little something here, then let me know again.

⁃ If everything is so okay for you and you are satisfied, I disinfect the area again with wound antiseptic (octenisept).

⁃ From time to time it happens, if it's okay for you and with your permission, that I want to take some nice photos of it and publish them on social media platforms and my website. If you say yes, you can first sit in the waiting area, in time the skin around your fresh tattoo and the tattoo itself can calm down a little, while I roughly clean my work area. When I'm done with it, I swipe it carefully again and we'll take the photos.

⁃ After that, I will gently put on the wound dressing Suprasorb F.
Careful: if you are allergic to patches, please let me know in time! (Then of course we will find another solution.)

⁃ I usually tell you something about the healing and care process during this time (depending on how much experience you already have with the topic). If you have any further questions about care or there are ambiguities, always get out with it, I will be happy to answer them for you.

⁃ Then we are almost done and you can get dressed/ change again.

⁃ The last step will then take place again in the waiting area, where I will receive my payment in cash form for a receipt (one for you and me each) and if necessary we will make the next appointment.

18. Does a tattoo always have to be partly tattooed again?

No. As a rule, tattoos rarely need to be partly tattooed again.

However, it can always be with large areas that some parts do not become as uniform as I wanted or lines become too bright, or going missing during the healing process and in these cases I am happy to rework such areas again free of charge.

To do this, the tattoos must have healed at least 6 weeks (I prefer 2 months) and the appointment must not have been more than 6 months ago.

However, if I discover rough negligence / rough errors in the care of your new tattoo on your part during the check, which is essential for partly reworking the tattoo, I have the right to withdraw my otherwise free rework at any time.

Better do yourself a good service and take care of your fresh skin bite carefully.

19. Try coziness...

We want to make ourselves really comfortable here, so take off your street shoes.  Bring your own slippers and/or thick socks or use our studio slippers (size 36-45).  If it gets cold, we also have blankets to snuggle up with.

20.CORONA (as of July 2023) :

At the moment it is up to you whether you would like to wear a mask or not, if you want me to wear one then let's discuss it before the appointment. There is currently no test obligation, but the same here, of course, I don't mind if you would like to make one for yourself at home beforehand.